On a Clear Day You Can See My Tonsils

clear day

I mentioned in my last post that I had a little bout with blood in my urine and the Doctor wanted to make sure everything was copacetic so he scheduled me for a cystoscopy.  That wonderful experience happened yesterday.  For the record – my urethra has had more viewers than this season of “Two Broke Girls.”

The good news – to quote Herr Doktor – “Everything looks good – no visible cancer.”  That, combined with the last CT scan results from the last meeting confirms things are going well.

But… don’t ya just hate the “buts”…

But… what he did see other than what he thinks may be the map to the lost Ark of the Covenant,  was a staple that had “drifted” into the urethra and as the human body’s immune system is wont to do with foreign stuff – it is starting to collect some calcium.  He believes that the last time I did the catheter I nicked that little guy and that’s what caused the bleeding.  Good news – no big deal – won’t really hurt me.  Bad news… he thinks going in and getting it out would be a good idea.

So… outpatient surgery is in my future – second week in February I’ll go in and be “destaple-ized.”  The Doctor said I “probably” wouldn’t even need to go home with a catheter.  Man I hope that is true.  I do not wish that on anyone.  Of all the stuff I’ve been through with this golram cancer – having to pull around a bag and catheter for 5 weeks was the absolute worst! (Having it yanked out ranks up there but that’s only a few seconds of discomfort vs. 35 days of it!)

I will update you then on the outcome of that little life experience.

And one more thing…

My acidosis is in control – the bicarb pills seem to be working (although I didn’t have the heart to tell him I probably missed taking about 1/2 of them… tee hee…)  Also the creatinine levels are still a bit high – but he said it wasn’t off by very much so he said we’ll just keep an eye on them.

All in all – good news across the board and I’m very close to this whole thing being a distant memory.

My major goal in 2014 is to post that I won’t be posting ‘cuz that would mean there is nothing to report.  I live for no news.  (Reality – I’m just happy I live.)


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