How We Got Here

See that cigar in the picture at the right?  That’s one of the reasons I have this site.  See – tobacco is a leading cause of – wait for it – bladder cancer.  Yup.  Go figure.  No one ever told me that tobacco use could cause cancer in your gentleman’s luggage.

As a kid I knew smoking could cause cancer – but lung cancer – not something that could affect, well, you know – that stuff.  For some reason there is a deep, primal connection between a man and his junk and anything that could potentially cause problems would be avoided at all costs – more so than one’s lungs I guess.

Men will ride motorcycles without helmets but they won’t catch a kid’s little league game without a cup.  That my friend, is the basis of a very special relationship.

Time For A Breakup

So anyway, I’ve been diagnosed with bladder cancer – and the treatment will be chemo and then surgery.  I’ll do 12 weeks of chemo (started Nov. 13, 2012) possibly more depending on how my lymph nodes look and then the big dig takes place.  They will remove my bladder, my prostate and hopefully all vestiges of the cancer.  Sounds pretty invasive right?  It is.  It will take a bit of time to recuperate.

But here’s the thing about living in 2012 – they will build me a new bladder out of stuff the find lying around in my abdomen (sorta – they will use some of my small intestine) and hook up all the connections and viola!  I’m back in business.  I’m am so happy to have such smart humans on this planet.

Why This Site?

I have a fairly big social network on the internet through twitter, LinkedIn, a couple of business blogs and other stuff and want to make sure I have a way to update those that might care to know what’s going on and this site seemed like a natural way to do it.  More flexible than Facebook, easier than email chains and allows for a variety of media.

I see this as a one-way gig – no comments.  Just a place for people to get all my wonderfulness in concentrated doses.

The Ground Rules

Because I’m using this as pretty much an outbound messaging tool I’ve turned off comments but left on the ability to share a post if you think someone might benefit from reading it.  If you’re comfortable shooting me a note and can find my email or know it – go ahead.  Can’t guarantee I’ll get to all of them but I will try.  My goal wasn’t to create more stress for me with this channel, but find a way to let those that want to know what’s going an easy way to check in.

Hopefully this doesn’t piss off anyone – and if it does – well – so what – YOU CAN’T COMMENT! Hahahahahah hahahaha hahahahhahahah.

Really, kidding.  Hope this helps folks out and hopefully at the end of the day it this whole experience will simply be a minor (or major) inconvenience.

Subscribe To Updates

If you want to subscribe to updates click here or go to the menu item “Subscribe To Updates.”  I’m using a new service for subscriptions so I hope it works – but if it doesn’t, I guess I’ll never know since I turned off commenting… hmmm… may have to rethink that.