What Shows Up Twice in a Week and Only Once in a Year?

Before I give you the answer to that specific question here is a related puzzler – what comes once a year and involves the letters M, R, and I? Why you guessed it! My annual scan to see NED (no evidence of disease.)

My scan was a few weeks ago, and like it always does, left me nervous and anxious waiting for the official “okey dokey” from the Doc. And, as I’ve heard the previous 9 scans (I think that’s right) the news was good. Nothing to talk about – nothing to report nothing, nothing, nothing.

Man that is wonderful. Think about how often you wish for “nothing”. Usually it’s for winning the lottery or wishing someone left a few pieces of meatloaf in the fridge so you can have a leftover meatloaf sandwich (is there anything better than that? – yeah – NED.)

I know it is getting boring hearing all my good news once every year. I can almost hear you all saying –

“Jeez… I wish Paul would post less often – such a blabbermouth. I mean – once every 365 days like clockwork he’s out bragging about his cancer-free life. Take a break dude.”

Yeah – well sue me. I’m pretty happy so I’m going to keep it up.

One of the reasons I keep this site up and running is I have had a few people reach out and had me connect with friends and family that are in the place I was 4 years ago and they’ve told me the site was helpful. If so – it’s worth the few bucks to keep it live. And its worth your once-a-year interruption.

ONLY 6 More Posts

Now the really good news. According to the Doc I only need to do scans for about 10 years so you only have to put up with 6 more emails (man I hope it is only 6 more!)

I hope you all have a great 2017 – mine is already as good as it needs to be and anything more is just gravy.

Please reach out if you think I can help with a challenge you or a friend is having related to cancer – I am impulsively driven to help and want to make my journey something that helps others. Share as you feel comfortable.

So – until 2018 – Bye Bye – and Buy Bonds.

PS: answer to the original riddle?

What Shows Up Twice in a Week and Only Once in a Year?  The letter “E”. Welcome to the 3rd grade.