Waiting for Nothing to Happen

waiting2How much of our lives is spent waiting for something to happen?  I’d guess a lot.  The time between email sent and email received and responded.  The time between ask and answer.  The time between conception and birth.

Always waiting for “something.”

I’m trying to get used to waiting for nothing.

That’s the result one wants when waiting between CAT scan and Doctor appointment.  That is the time used up waiting to hear – nothing.  Wind.  Crickets.  No evidence of disease (NED.)

It seems to me that us humans however, are conditioned to wait for “something.”  The idea of waiting for nothing is foreign to us.  We want to fill the gap with “something.”  Unfortunately,  when dealing with cancer results, having “something” to talk about means that there is “something” new in the equation and that usually means – more cancer.

Something is not good.  Nothing is good.

I have nothing to report.

There is nothing new in my scans.  There is nothing different from the last scan.

Other than an obviously  faulty scale and a sphygmomanometer in dire need of recalibration – I have morally, ethically, spiritually, physically, positively, absolutely, undeniably and reliablynothing to report.

200 words to say – All Clear.

See you all in 3 months – right around Christmas.  That will be really close to my one year anniversary.  What a nice Christmas present that will be.