Let’s Get Physical, I wanna get Physical!


Nothing too dramatic to update you all on today.  Went and did the normal pre-op meeting to make sure I’m healthy enough to go through the surgery next week (Jan 15.)  According to the anethstesiologist I’m good to go.  It always cracks me up when they say I’m in good shape.  I worry for our nation when an overweight, under-exercised 53 year old is considered “in good shape.”  I guess because my blood pressure is good and I don’t have high cholesterol and can walk from the furthest parking spot at Walmart, I’m the picture of health in these United States.  Le sigh.

The Pre-Op

The surgery is scheduled for 8:00 am on Tuesday.  I’ll be at Greenville Memorial Hospital.  I’m the first guy on the list for the surgeon that day so I may get started early (yeah!)  I’ll try to post as soon as I can afterwards so you all can rest easy that I’m still among the living.

Physical Therapy

Had to go and get my instructions on physical therapy today (Thursday) as well.  As you may remember – since I’m getting a new bladder I need to change some of the muscles I use to, ahem, empty the tank so-to-speak.  This involves exercising muscles I don’t normally work with to the same degree I will in the future.  Basically they need me to do kegels.

But, one of the things I didn’t know (and I’m guessing you didn’t either) is that you need to have your muscles “evaluated.”  It’s kind of like finding out how much weight you can lift before setting up your weight training regime.  Now think about this for a minute… How would you test the lifting power of your pelvic floor muscles?

Let me break the suspense – it involves me being naked from the waist down facing a wall and a 27 year-old female physical therapist and her finger.  I won’t go into more detail – suffice it to say it wasn’t my most elegant moment with the fairer sex.  But – for the record… I have great pelvic floor muscles.  Not sure if it looks like a six-pack or not, but I got an A+ on my test.

That’s it for now.  I’ll be back on the air next week just as soon as I can.  They have wi-fi in the hospital so I should be able to get online and post.  Although, I’ll say this now – I am not sure how much pain medication they will be giving me so if the posts next week don’t make sense – you’ll know why.

Onward and upward.