730 Days …


January 15, 2013

A day that will live in infamy. At least in my house and in my mind.

That was the day I had my surgery for bladder cancer. They took my bladder. Took my prostate. Took some of my ileum out and put it back in as a neobladder. Hooked up all the plumbing patted me on the ass and said don’t come back.

I haven’t. And I’m happy.

One Year Rotation

I had a CT scan about three weeks ago and met with the Doctor yesterday and got the all clear “no evidence of disease” or NEDs. According to the Doc (and none of this is 100% for sure – I know that) he thinks based on my initial read of the cancer spread at the time of surgery (none) and the fact for two years I’ve been clean on all tests, he puts my chances of getting cancer from this event down in the 5-10% range. Which is pretty darn good. Not 0% but I don’t think anyone is zero percent.

This means I’m annual scans now.

So the good news is I’m cancer free. The bad news is you won’t hear from me for a year (or is that good news too? Your call.)

I’m happy. The wife is happy. The kids are happy. Some of my friends are happy.

If you’re so inclined you can read my pre-surgery post and my first post after surgery. You may want to refresh your memory. Me – not so much. I’m happy it’s behind me. 720 days behind me.

Here’s to another 365!

PS. I’ll be leaving the site up as it has been a place for people to get information and it is relatively cheap to keep running. If you are a subscriber you only get updates as I post them so from now on it will be once a year – as long as it is good news. You don’t have to unsubscribe you just won’t get an email unless something changes. Feel free to do what you want.